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OSCam 11.546–emu-r797 ALL Images mips – arm [gbox] Cosmetics Replaced strncpy() with cs_strncpy() in a few places This fixes ticket #4754 http://www.streamboard.tv/oscam/ticket/4754 and possibly more compiler warnings. [dvbapi] Added more PMT audio descriptors [dvbapi] Cosmetics and minor optimizations [dvbapi] CAT filtering optimizations * Separate CAT filter (starting and stopping) from EMM filtering. * Stop...
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Ncam 10.4 compiled and patched by marouan & RAED   [dvbapi] Rewritten the CA PMT parsing code Some key notes for this revision: * The CA PMT and PMT parsing code is split into separate functions. Additional functionality is also moved to different functions. * The previous CA...
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OSCAM version 11537 for (MIPS CPU) Vu+ ZERO , SOLO ,SOLO2, SOLO SE, UNO, DUO , duo 2, ultimo DM520, DM525, DM820, DM7080, GIGABLUE VTI OpenBH – Blackhole OpenATV PurE2 OpenPLi-OpenVision-OpenTR-OpenTen OpenVIX OpenSPA OSCAM version 11537 for (ARM CPU) Vu+ ZERO 4K , SOLO 4K, UNO 4K, DUO...
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