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[IMAGE] OpenBH 5.4 for Vuplus

OpenBh 5.4 is based on the OE-Alliance 5.4 core. Important Notice: If you like OpenBh and you want to see it continue, please don’t forget to donate towards keeping the servers online. Keeping OpenBh and this Forum online is getting more and more expensive. It costs in the region of...
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[IMAGE] OpenATV 7.3 for Vuplus DUO 4K

OpenATV 7.3 FEUTURES openATV 7.3 Based on oe-a 5.3 (OE 4.2 Mickledore) Build refresh libs and python addons like e.g. openssl 3.1 python 3.11.2 gstreamer 1.22 glibc 2.3.7 samba4 4.15.13 ffmpeg 6.0        
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