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XStreamity 3.15 New set time EPG downloads. No longer downloads on Live Streams screen. Main Settings – set the time convenient to you when your box is on. Images that don’t allow threading (dreamboxes / older images ) will still get some freezing of box functionality when this happens....
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XStreamity 3.0 File attached for testing. Should now work on VTI 15 images. (or does on vti 15 on my vu zero 4k – note you definitely need install ffmpeg to play videos on that image) Different threading module used for all my background processes. (all images) Fixed...
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[SKIN] Tuxbox Neutrino FHD fur OpenATV

@ oneofnine wrote For nostalgics and for the old Dbox2 times, or on Coolstream Before that is now installed wildly, here are a few hints: This is an open beta version. Please make a backup beforehand and then install it. Careful testing can also lead to errors, crashes,...
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