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[IMAGE] SatDreamGR 8.0 for Vu+

Experimental SatDreamGr 8 (OE ver 3.0 Codename ZEUS) Images VU+: vusolo4k vuultimo4k vuuno4k vuuno4kse vuzero4k vuduo4k vuultimo vuduo2 vusolo2 vusolose vuzero * Zeus OpenEmbedded * OpenPLi Enigma2 (develop branch) * Kodi 18 (sources from OE-A) * Webkit hbbtv support * New bootlogo & radio (many thanks to oktus) –...
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[TUTO] How to install IPTV Channel List via Autoscript

Here is a tutorial on the installation and configuration of IPTV channel list on the Vu+ decoder under a image . IMPORTANT: This tutorial is valid for all image like  OpenATV, OpenPLi, OpenESI, OpenSPA, OpenDROID, HDMU, Hyperion PKteam,Egami, SatdreamGR, OpenMips, OpenVision,PURE2, ItalySAT, OpenNFR, BlackHole, OpenBlackHole, VTI,…more For this...
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OSCam 11.576 ALL Images mips – arm Thank you: audi06_19 Support: https://www.dreamosat-forum.com 11577 – fix HD03/05 CMD Overflow – patch provided by @pehedima – should fix ticket #4777 – remove some DOS CRLFs in oscam.work.c ************************************** OSCAM for DM900, DM920, DM520,DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB) DreamOSat camManager , Gemini GP4, Gemini GP3 ,OoZooN, newnigma2,  Merlin4...
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