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[Plugin] Service Scan Updates

Service Scan Updates [OE2.0 / OE2.5 + OE2.6]

MacDisein wrote:

Since it has always bothered me that after a channel search you can’t see which channels have been added, I have now published an extension with the Service Scan Updates plugin that does exactly that.

It is a system plug-in – which does not appear under extensions, but in the menu where the channel search can also be found – since this differs with the various images and boxes, I cannot name an exact location here.

On my Dreambox it looks like this:

There are only a few settings:


Every time a channel search is carried out on the box, the Service Scan Updates plug-in adds all newly found channels to the “Service Scan Updates” favorites bouquet. If it is not already there, it is created automatically. A so-called marker is inserted each time so that you can see when the search took place. From there, you can transfer individual channels to one of your own favorite bouquets as usual.

In order for the bouquet to be displayed, you have to activate the Allow multiple bouquets option in the image’s system settings, otherwise the bouquet will be created but not displayed.

Important NOTE:

I have tested the plugin on several boxes, but I cannot say for sure whether it behaves correctly with all images.

But not much can happen other than a green screen.