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[IMAGE] OpenPLi 6.0 RC for Vu+ ZERO

OpenPLi is proud to present the next release of our image, OpenPLi 6.0. A lot has changed since OpenPLi 4, so we made a releasenote with all the changes. OpenPLi 5 was not released to the public, because we used it for our development to make OpenPLi 6. The images can be downloaded at: https://openpli.org/download

In the future we’re continuing developing which results in new releases, but there will be a difference in releasing…

We will only be releasing stable versions now. So changes that you’ll notice is when there is an update from OpenPLi 6.0 to 6.1 and future versions. Developing will be done internally and home builders can also make an extraction of our develop version.

Should you wait for a long period for a new release? Well, that depends.. If a new feature is ready, that feature will become public. It can sometimes take weeks, but also months before a feature becomes available.

We also have rebuild our Wiki and made a lot of new articles to read. We will continue to expand our wiki to make it a handy knowledge base for our supported receivers. Have a look at: https://wiki.openpli.org

To be clear, for the following brands/models there won’t be an OpenPLi 6.0:

  • DM800SE, DM500HD (insufficient flash space), DM7020HD (no member has the appropriate Hardware)
  • Golden Interstar (all models, no BSP support from the manufacturer for the OE upgrade)
  • Wetek Play (no BSP available with Gstreamer 1.x support)

OpenPLi 4 will remain available for these models, once OpenPLi 6.0 Release is available, we’ll continue to refresh things like satellites.xml, channel lists, picons, etc for OpenPLi 4 without having to build new images.

Due to problems with the overscan wizard, there is currently no Xtrend ET8000 and ET10000 version for OpenPLi 6.0. We’re currently looking for a solution for this issue.

New features:

  • Remove any (default) cam from the setup wizard. Let the user decide if, and if yes which cam to use.
  • Upgrade Gstreamer version to 1.12.2 – Note: HLS streams are not working well.. this will be fixed in a next release
  • Center DVB subtitles per service (which also solve the ‘destroyed’ subtitles on some services e.g. ARD, ZDF)
  • New ECM info screen that includes provider IDs (at menu->about->serviceInfo->green) – See: Tips and Tweaks

  • Multistream support for DVB-S2X tuners
  • Pluginbrowser – Allow two digit number selection in plugins. – When you are in the Plugin browser menu and want to use the 11th plugin, you can press 11 to open the 11th plugin directly.
  • Default the bouquet numbering is changed to Alternative numbering mode. – To alter this, go to user interface and set Alternative number mode to no.
  • Samba has been upgraded from version 3 to version 4


  • Timer with repeating timer that are user defined created fixed.

Notice to HDMI-CEC users:
By default the HDMI-CEC option is turned off. If you want to use the HDMI-CEC function…

  1. Go to Menu->Setup->System->Customize
  2. Put the Setup mode to Advanced and press green (OK)
  3. Select Audio / Video->HDMI-CEC setup and Enable the function.

Notice to Rytec users:
The Rytec plugin has a new name in OpenPLi 6. When you’re using autoback to upgrade your receiver to OpenPLi 6.0 beware that you have the latest Rytec XML importer plugin. Otherwise the plugin will not become available during the auto restore to OpenPLi 6. If the plugin is called XMLtvimporter, then the you have the old plugin. The new/correct name is called: epgimport.