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[TUTORIAL] How to install OSCAM on PurE2 image

Here is a tutorial on the installation and configuration of OScam on the Vu+ decoder under a Pur E2 image and OScam. For this tutorial you need. Material: Vu + ZERO, UNO, DUO, DUO 2, ULTIMO, SOLO, SOLO 2, SOLO SE, zero 4K, Uno 4k, solo 4k, Ultimo...
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[SOFTCAM] OSCAM 11392 for ARM Based Receivers

Latest OSCam 11392 for vuplus solo 4k/ultimo 4k/uno 4k, mutant hd51/52, AX 51/52, Xtrend ET11000/12000, Spycat 4K, Edision 4k, Octagon 4k, Gigablue 4K, Technomate 4K, DM900 OSCAM version 11392 für alle images CHANGE LOG – WebIf: show unauthorised access in oscam log – req. by Bust3D BLACKHOLE ItalySat...
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