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[TUTORIAL] How to make backup on OpenBlackHole

Here is a tutorial how to make Backup on Vu+ decoder under a OpenBH 4.1 image.

For this tutorial you need.

Vu + ZERO, UNO, DUO, DUO 2, ULTIMO, SOLO, SOLO 2, SOLO SE, zero 4K, Uno 4k, solo 4k, Ultimo 4k, DUO 4K

USB STICK format  FAT32



First connect USB STICK to your VuPLUS

Press MENU BUTTON, select Backup Menu

Select Full Backup

Press GREEN BUTTON to make New backup

Select YES to confirm

This operation will take 5 to 10 Minutes

Warning : Don’t remove USB stick or turn OFF your receiver during this operation

When this operation finish exit, and remove your USB STICK.

Connect your USB STICK to you PC,you will find zip file backup,  you can archive your backup now onyour pc or cloud.