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[IMAGE] OpenTen 7.0 for Vu+

To increase available flash space on older models some packages have been moved to the image feeds the base image now consists of PD1loi-HD-Night (full hd default skin)* MyMetrix HD Skin. AutoBouqetsMaker. EPG Importer. HBBTV & YouTube TV Multiboot Image Downloader Open Multiboot Opera Browser Originally the PLi...
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[IMAGE] OpenDroid 7.0 for Vuplus

The new version 7.0 is much more complete, we have created a brand new enigma2 structure different from the previous version! This image was built on the oe-alliance 4.4 image 7.0 is much faster and more fluid, many errors have been corrected. This new enigma2 is oriented towards always being...
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[IMAGE] Open Vision 9.2-r32 for VU+ ULTIMO 4K

NB! feed changed: GStreamer – python – 2.7.16-r0 GCC – 9.2.0 Glibc – 2.30 OpenSSL – 1.1.1c Busybox – 1.30.1 FFmpeg – 4.1.4-r0 exteplayer3 – 63 wget – 1.20.3-r0 curl – 7.65.3-r0 kernel-3.14.28-1.8 kernel-image-3.14.28-1.8 kernel-image-zimage-3.14.28-1.8  
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