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[BACKUP] Openpli 8.2 Vu+ Ultimo 4K

-.DreamOsat Script Addons Panel, -.DreamOsat Manager, -.DreamSat Panel, -.HasBahCa, -.TURKVOD, -.xtraEvent, -.Filmon. -.AJ Panel, -.FreeSarver, -.Levi45 MultiCam , -.SatVenus Panel 7,3,3 -.PlutoTv, -.CCcam server.   OSCam 11711 ayarlıdır. etc/tuxbox/config/   Sikin Black Neon FHD ayarlı.Kendiniz değiştirebilirsiniz. backup-openpli8.2.Cahit.ultimo4k-20220523.zip dosyasını indir – download  
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[IMAGE] OpenBH 5.1 for Vuplus

Whats New: ou will need to reflash your box for this update, however you can use the settings backup option in OpenBh 4.4 to create a backup of your most important files, and then restore this in OpenBh 5.0, but please note that not all of your plugins...
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[IMAGE] OpenVIX 6.1 for Vuplus

   The easiest way to flash latest OpenVix image is to do the following: First: Download the image to your receiver’s storage device Blue button > ViX > Image manager > Yellow (Downloads) > Select OpenViX > Select image version > Press OK You will see the download...
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