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[IMAGE] EGAMI 7.2.2 for VU+ UNO

– [NEW] OE-Alliance Core 3.2

[ADD] Kernel Modules Menu
[ADD] Skin info in About Screen
[ADD] subtitle background – on/off
[ADD] add Boolean Switch apple style – yes/no
[ADD] EGAMI Wizard to StartWizard -> You can install IPTV Player, Season, MediaPortal and more duting Wizard !
[ADD] Oscam DVBAPI in wizard for download as card reader
[ADD] advanced priority tuner
[ADD] a seperate field for streaming port and pre-fill it with the default.
[ADD] auto rotation based on Exif-data.
[ADD] EGAMIBoot VTi, BlackHole, PKT, OpenDroid, OpenNFR download
[ADD] gStreamer 1.6.0
[ADD] IPTV recording Funktion

[FIX] Edit timer from the current EPG
[FIX] crash when factory reset and back to default language
[FIX] Crash MediaScanner when using EMC – disable it to use MediaScanner for playback
[FIX] crash of FileCommander when no PicturePlayer
[FIX] DVDplayer plugin not always went away when a dvd is removed
[FIX] GS when wlan driver has non-standard structure
[FIX] parsing the background color
[FIX] for USALS-selecting-satellites
[FIX] Timers Deep Standby
[FIX] exit after a preview zap.

[UPDATE] EGAMI QuickButton for FAVORITES button
[UPDATE] Spinner
[UPDATE]d for DVB Api 5.X
[UPDATE] unicable
[UPDATE] Translation NL
[UPDATE] Translation PL
[UPDATE] Use GLib base64 functions