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[IMAGE] OpenDROID 6.4 for VU+ DUO

VU+OpenDroid 6.4
New version 6.4 more snap and cheerful with new graphical interface! The picture is brighter and faster! some errors and added panels added .. in short! new 6.4 leaves version 6.3, which now with this new release is outdated! good test in general !!!
Thank you to all the betatester who helped build this gem. Without them, they will never be able to get rid of something new! In particular, we thank Erminio for trusting us and joining our staff, adam41259, raffsif, great stein17 for all the graphics and many more!

A list of changes:

New OPD-Blue-Line tnx leather stein17, except for models with lesser types of resources: the entire series of SH1 520/525 dm dm820 dm800se t hat have oDreamy leather tnx mmark
dm800se, dm820, dm520 do regular launch !!!
Added support for SH1 brandname (zgemmass, zgemmas2s, zgemmash2, zgemmash1)
add AtileHD Plugin
Add the update kernel or driver in the softwaremanager
Add lcd800
language to update it
Update your Italian language loans
Update USB Disk Format Wizard
updated update flashOnline imageBackup
update UsbFormat
update cablescan
update ipkg softwaremanager
Update MultiBoot and fix gbquad4k flashonline
updated detection of USB devices DVB controlled ep_84
update overlay caltulation dm520 and dm525
in socketmmi.py update
FastScan update
updated VFD_final_scroll_delay
constant display400 gbquad4k
Fixed display220
Fix the clock and Picon GigaBlue UHD Quad 4K
Fix information OPD photos
fix deep vigilance
Fixed scaler video
Fix MSNWeather and displays 800
Fix 4k RCU HDMI-pip in key and GigaBlue key
fixes various errors
And many other new features will be revealed in the new release!