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[IMAGE] OpenSPA 7.5 for VU+ SOLO 4K

  1. – New drivers:
  2. Edision OS Mio 4k, OS Mio + 4k and OS Mini 4k:
  3. Updated kernel to 5.12
  4. Broadcom refsw 17.3
  5. New “experimental” frontend AVL driver applied
  6. New open source frontend driver. Repository: https://github.com/edision-open/dvb-frontends-avl62x1
  7. Small improvements and fixes.
  8. Vuplus Uno 4k se and zero 4k :
  9. Fixed boot problem.
  10. – New OE-Alliance Core 4.4
  11. – New support for Qviart Dual 4K (still in beta, manufacturer driver updates expected), Dinobot 4K Twin, James Donkey Duo and Zgemma H9S SE.
  12. – Skin OpenStar by default.
  13. – Skin OpenStar, added zerotier screens, wireguard, and fixed minor bugs.
  14. – Updated rclone to 1.55.1.
  15. – Updated zerotier to 1.6.5.
  16. – Added list of sicko channels in Panel Etra.
  17. – Fixed and improved the download of picons of Gioppygio and Chocholousek.
  18. – Online TV upgrade of the Extra Panel to create new favorites lists with IPTV channels of a specific selection.
  19. – Fixed spzRemoteChannels bug when there is no connection with the remote receiver.
  20. – Rescheduled the download of channels from spzRemoteChannels, now it only uses openwebif, eliminated the use of FTP and Telnet.
  21. – Now when downloading the EPG of remote channels in the spzRemoteChannels the channel list is synchronized with the server.
  22. – Fixed bug in spzRemoteChannels when the HTTP port on the server was different from 80.
  23. – Consider the Wireguard network as local in the spaNotifications
  24. – Fixed bug in the IP information in the spaNewFirms
  25. – When adding an IPTV channel with the spzAddIPTV replace the old one if it exists with the same name.
  26. – Added support for .stream files (recordings from IPTV channels) in the MediaCenter
  27. – Added support for series recordings to IPTV channels
  28. – Added Enigma support to search for events in the EPG of IPTV channels
  29. – OpTelebot ready for translations
  30. – Modified some multiple OpTelebot messages to go out in a single message
  31. – Added Wireguard control in OpTelebot
  32. – Added Zerotier control in OpTelebot
  33. – Fixed bug in OpTelebot if the http port was different from 80
  34. – Added start and end time in Timers in OpTelebot
  35. – Added backup in the spanewfirm of Xupnpd configurations.
  36. – Added creation of QR code for clients of our Wireguard server
  37. – New Bootlogo, thanks to @elduque