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[PLUGIN] xtraEvent

xtraEvent plugin

by digiteng



Poster, background, banner, info support for enigma2 stbs…

This plugin has been created to get more information and images(poster,background,banner,info…) about events.

source data are obtained from public websites(tmdb, tvdb, omdb, maze …).

this plugin is open source and free…

Shareable changes can be made by protecting non-commercial and “digiteng” rights…


It is recommended to use it with a timer.

It may take a day or two to fully function.

– choose download location,

– set timer(2h),

– Search Next Events(min 5 )

– select image sources,

– choose a bouquet,

– e2 restart…

The codes for the skin can be found in the render-convert files.

also sample skinparts are given with xtra skin(Froid skin based)…

You can edit skins with the OpenSkin-Designer program…

If you have problems installing with ipk, extract it with 7zip and send it with ftp…


telnet the code below,

wget -q "--no-check-certificate" https://github.com/digiteng/xtra/raw/main/xtraEvent.sh -O - | /bin/sh