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[TUTORIAL] How to configure Wireless on OpenESI

Here is a tutorial how to setup wireless on Vu+ decoder under a OpenESI image.

For this tutorial you need.

Vu + ZERO, UNO, DUO, DUO 2, ULTIMO, SOLO, SOLO 2, SOLO SE, zero 4K, Uno 4k, solo 4k, Ultimo 4k

all receiver supported by OpenESI  TEAM like Dreambox, Octagon, Gigablue…

Wireless Stick



First connect Wireless USB to your VuPLUS

Menu – Setup


Device setup

Select WLAN Connection

Select Scan Wireless networks

Select your Wireless network and press GREEN BUTTON to configure

Now, configure your wireless network, choose the type of encryption and enter the key

When you finish press OK or GREEN KEY

Select YES to confirm

After the network module will restart this action will take 30-60 seconds.


Congratulation your receiver is connecting now to your wireless (your IP address is :

You can also watch this video  to help you