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[IMAGE] OpenTR 10.0 for VU+

OpenTR 10 py3 Thanks to all skins creators Thanks to all extensions creators Custom Build from OpenPLI develop git button change red levi45 Addons/Multicam/Emu Keys green plugin browser For oscam emu installing For Mips Mips_OscamOpenTR_Updater For Arm Arm_OscamOpenTR_Updater Then you can start your emu from levi45 multicam manager....
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OSCam 11.720 ALL Images mips – arm ************************************* versio 11720 ************************************** OSCAM 11720 for DM900, DM920, DM520,DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB) DreamOSat camManager , Gemini GP4, Gemini GP3 ,OoZooN, newnigma2,  Merlin4 OE2.5, Dream-Elite OE2.5, PowerSat, SatLodge, PeterPan, OpenTS/Ts **************************************   OSCAM 11720 for vuplus zero 4K/ solo 4k/ultimo 4k/uno 4k, mutant hd51/52, AX...
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[IMAGE] OpenATV 7.3 for Vuplus DUO 4K

OpenATV 7.3 FEUTURES openATV 7.3 Based on oe-a 5.3 (OE 4.2 Mickledore) Build refresh libs and python addons like e.g. openssl 3.1 python 3.11.2 gstreamer 1.22 glibc 2.3.7 samba4 4.15.13 ffmpeg 6.0        
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